Dear Not-So-Helpful Stranger,

{Please read with humor. This is meant to be amusing. Not really angry ;)}

To the people who think they are doctors,

To the people who think they know how to fix us,

To the people who have no idea and just keep talking,

To the people who tell me to "Just Relax,"

To all you not-so-helpful strangers, this is what I wish I could just say to you.

I am not ashamed or secretive about Tyler's and my struggle to get pregnant. We have infertility issues. My ovaries don't seem to work (funny story about that to come in another blog). It's sad... and kind of funny! We have faith. We are happy. We know God will bless us. We appreciate support and don't mind talking about it with those who love us.

We do not appreciate your unsolicited advice.

"Well my friend's sister's cousin's wife stood on her head, sang the ABCs backwards, and chewed gum before/after/during sex and that was how they got pregnant."
"My sister's friend's mom and dad tried forever, then they stopped 'trying' and it just happened."
...and my personal favorite :/
"Just Relax."
Oh yeah, cause I'm sure that's why I don't ovulate... I'm just not relaxed enough.
*BIG eye roll*

We do not appreciate your uneducated diagnoses.

"It's probably because your husband has slow swimmers."
"It's probably because you don't have enough progesterone."
"It's probably because you don't do it enough."
"It's probably because you do it too much."
Thanks for that Doctor... oh wait, you are just an obnoxious stranger. Great.

We do not appreciate your insensitive ramblings.

One of the MANY lessons I have learned from this experience is simply about how to talk to people about babies and family. After our experience, I will never ask someone, "So when are you going to start having kids?" or "Why don't you have any kids yet?" or "Isn't it about time you start a family?" or my least favorite of all, "Don't you want children?"
...You have NO idea.

Just think before you start talking to people. Seriously! Not knowing is not an excuse. You should be smart enough to know that it is NONE of your business if or when my husband and I have children. If we are not close friends, I am not going to advertise to you our struggles. You should just have enough manners and tact to know what is appropriate and what is not. When you ramble on and on about how children are a blessing and we shouldn't put off starting a family, OR how easy it is to get pregnant and it will happen when we least expect it I want to slap you... and if you catch me on a bad day, I just might ;)

Ramble over.
Thanks for reading ;)