The story, as promised.

In a previous blog, I promised an amusing story about my inactive ovaries...
...AND since I know you must have been on the edge of your seat waiting to hear more about my ovaries (awkward?), here is the story, as promised ;)

First, can I just say how awesome my husband is?! I mean, no offense, I'm sure you think your hubby is great, but you are really missing out. (Not that I'm offering to share...)

Dear Mr. King, my best friend, partner in crime, lover, and 24/7 comedian is the key to the door that opened my Happily Ever After. Without him, I don't think I could enjoy this somewhat bumpy, crazy journey. But I can! Because he makes this life FUN! No matter what we come up against we fight it together, fully supportive, and fully having a blast!
Go big or go home, people.

One lazy afternoon, while laying in bed (and watching some season of some show on Netflix, I'm sure) Tyler rested his head on my belly. He laid there for a minute, then rolled over... and started talking to my belly? What a weirdo! For those who know me, they know that the problem here is how hysterically ticklish I am! I freaked out and started thrashing like a crazy person. He was amused with himself and stopped so I could catch my breath.

Once I could breathe,
"DUDE, What the heck?! Why were you talking to my belly? Ya weirdo. There is nothing in their to talk to... just belly fat!" :/
I hate being tickled, so I was slightly annoyed.
Tyler's face became very mischievous. He raised one eyebrow, and a grin spread across his face. Suddenly his face was once again buried in to my belly. Muffled by my stomach and layers of shirts I heard,
"Uhm, excuse me, Ovaries? Could you please do your job?"
We both just laughed for about 20 minutes...
Then he got a really serious look and said,
"If this works, we can call me The Ovaries Whisperer!"

This is why my husband trumps all other husbands. No matter how hard our journey through infertility gets I know we will always keep each other laughing :)

Remember to just laugh 
through the hard times; 
they are but a small moment. <3