For the Love of Angels: How we found the RCC

I believe in God.
I believe in Angels. Both in Heaven and on Earth.

That being said, here is the series of events and the Angels that answered our prayers, which lead us to our new Dr. at Reproductive Care Center (RCC- see link in Pages tool bar)

Never in my life did I ever think that my husband and I would be fast approaching the 2 year mark of trying to conceive. How could I have? I never could have known that my progesterone level is almost non-existent and that I rarely, if ever, ovulate.

Needless to say, we were inconsolably discouraged when 9 months into the first year we still weren't pregnant... BUT one more year after that, we are better because Heavenly Father answers prayers, guides us, comforts us, and loves us.

Let me explain how Heavenly Father answers prayers, because some will argue that as we are not yet pregnant the prayer is still unanswered. As I have explained before, in my first blog post , sometimes God answers our prayers in other ways and we don't always get what we want right away.

We aren't pregnant yet, but I'd like to believe we are closer! Thanks to angels here on earth who listen to promptings and act as answers to prayers.

Angel #1 My mother-in-law, the most awesome woman! Oh, how I adore this lady. While visiting a new GYN, she was answering questions like: How many kids do you have? Do you have any grandkids? etc. Without really knowing why, she briefly explained how Tyler and I were struggling to get pregnant and how I had just finished taking clomid, which had been a terrible experience...

...Introducing Angel #2 Her Dr. had pressed for more information on what we had tried and who we were seeing. She expressed that we should really see a specialist and talk to a doctor about Femara. She gave mom literature on the place and the medication.

Angel #3 Aunt Lesley, along with all my aunts and family, was so loving and supportive. Lesley took the time to share with me that her sister-in-law Sophie had struggled to conceive as well and, if I wanted, she knew that Sophie would be happy to talk to me.

At this point Tyler and I were so burnt out after Clomid. We had already decided to take a break and wait til Fall to pursue more testing/medication. So, we took everyone's information, but we held off. We needed time to heal before we opened up this wound again.

Fast forward a few months... We had made the decision to go back to the doctor. I prayed about it and knew it was time to do something, but I felt sick about scheduling with my OB/GYN again. I was so afraid they would put me back on Clomid. I canceled my appointment, feeling more discouraged than ever and prayed that the Lord would somehow give me a sign of hope.

Angel #4 Sophie approached me at a family party for Lesley and Isaac, holding the most beautiful baby girl I've ever seen. She told me about how she had struggled to conceive and that going to a specialist had made all the difference for them, AND thanks to Femara she got sweet baby Gwen.

That night I went home and cried tears of joy as I thanked Heavenly Father for giving me the Hope I needed to see. I needed to hear someone say what had worked and see them holding their baby while they said it. I immediately called Tyler's mom to get the info on Femera and the RCC.

Angels #5 Dr. Swelstad & Everyone at the RCC. What an AWESOME place! Everyone is so nice, so caring, so sensitive, and so full of hope. It is a blessing to have a doctor that promises to take care of you and goes above and beyond to make sure you are.