Round 3 & a World Series

Infertility & Baseball

These underdogs are sure ready for a win.
After all this defeat, it is about time WE get to score,
hit a homerun
& knock one out of the park. 

I am in NO way a sports fanatic, but in honor of Tyler's Boston Red Sox I'll see what I can do with creating an analogy ;)

The Red Sox had a disgraceful season last year.
Tyler and all the other Boston fans were so disappointed. 
The first year of infertility was the hardest on us.
We really struggled and we were so disappointed.

To kick off the 2013 season Boston reevaluated their players, management and strategy. They got rid of players and management who weren't fully invested in the Red Sox Nation. They did a complete makeover in their advertising and community involvement to win back their fans, and their pride.
By summer, we had decided to reevaluate too. I started this blog. We ditched the doctors that weren't working for us and weren't invested in Team King. We stopped investing time in friends who didn't care about what we were going through. We brought in a new doctor who fully supported and cheered for us. 

Last week The Red Sox made it to the World Series! 
We just found out that my progesterone level is finally 
high enough to get pregnant! (although I am not)

So as we cheer on the Sox in the World Series, will you cheer on Team King?

Hopefully Boston will take the Series and we'll get pregnant!
Wouldn't that be RAD?! But then Tyler would probably say we have to name the baby an honorary Red Sox name like Boston, Ted Williams... or Big Papi :/
OH well :) I could deal with that!

Silly baseball post attempt over.
The End.