2014 Bucket List

Hey, 2014! Get ready to be rocked!

Ready? Here it is, in no particular order: My 2014 Bucket List.

1. Go to more concerts- If a band comes that we LOVE, then let's go see them!
2. Learn to drive Thor (stick shift)
3. Take Tyler on a tour of Colton to see where I grew up
4. Go to DisneyLand
5. Get my toes in some Pacific Coast sand
6. Go to Yellowstone (never been!)
8. Be a better wife to Tyler King <3
9. Sew more--- follow a pattern & make something!
10. Spoil Nixon and baby nephew #2!
11. Take Tyler to see the Grand Canyon
12. STOP being sad that the spare room is not a nursery. Clean it out and, finally, make it a guest room!
13. Stop being afraid and open an Etsy shop
14. Give more service!
15. Read the scriptures every day- read the Book of Mormon cover to cover
16. Be BRAVE!
17. Worry Less
18. Cook more
19. Do the dishes every day (this will probably be the most difficult task!)
20. Set a good budget, stick to it, and SAVE
21. Hike to Ben Lomond Peak- hike more in general this summer
22. Learn to Snowboard