A much Happier life.

When last I posted, I declared my resolve to be More Content and Less Bitter.

I'm happy to report a miraculous difference in how Tyler King and I feel. I promise, it feels as if the weight of the world has been lifted.

Bitterness is exhausting! More exhausting than I even realized. It was exhausting to constantly be comparing my life to others or hating other people for having what I want. What a waste of time. What does jealousy and bitterness get you? I'll tell you what you get:
scowl lines
sleepless nights
and an unhappy heart, just to name a few...
Basically, you get NOTHING GOOD!

What are you holding on to? What are you bitter about?

You have to make a choice. You have to make it NOW. You have to decide that you are done being sad or angry about whatever you feel is unfair or unjust in this life.
You have to say, "I am ready for a much happier life!"

Because happiness is a choice! I have definitely learned the truth of that. Despite all the crap that can encircle us and weigh down on us in life, there are ALWAYS beautiful blessings that angels stuff into the cracks of our sinking ships, and they keep us afloat. So, instead of worrying about sinking, we can be grateful we are still floating!

Because I refuse to sink into the depths of despair, I will conquer. I will be triumphant! I will come out of these trials a better and more courageous person. I will be a happier and more loving wife, daughter, sister, friend, and Mother. Because, while it feels never-ending, this will be such a small moment of my great life. Someday, when I am a happily exhausted wife and mother, I will look back and be so grateful I gave up bitterness and chose A Much Happier Life.