Words of Hope.

This quote is from a fantastic book I read recently, An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. And I've said before, I read once "Whatever is good for your soul, do that." So, that is why I write this little blog. It helps me and I hope it helps others. I will be forgotten, but the stories and feelings I write will last, and maybe telling it will change others just the slightest little bit- just as living it all has changed me.

Writing relieves me. I rummage through my feelings and the words just fall out. I have come to find and discover myself as pens have met pages and fingers have hit keys. 

Here I am wide open for whoever cares to read what I write. I open my heart, because what if I didn't? What if somehow my open heart could help someone who keeps theirs closed? The Lord inspires me as I write. I feel Him close to me as I share my testimony of Faith and His love. I could never endure my trials without His companionship, without understanding that He has a divine plan for me. I want everyone to know they are never alone. 

Reading other Infertility blogs has given me such a sense of community. I want others to read my blog and know that they aren't alone. There are many of us struggling with the pain of infertility, and the more we all spread the word, the less alone we will all feel. We can build each other up with words of Hope and Faith. We can help one another feel brave and powerful when times are tough and threaten our ability to go on. We can laugh with each other when we find the humor and hilarity in it all. We can cry together when we suffer. We can help each other know that We Can Get Through This! Eventually, we will all, somehow, find our way. 

I hope that in some small way my words have helped someone the way others have helped me. We All Matter. This is why I write: So I remember that I matter, and help you remember that you matter. This struggle isn't in vain. There is purpose and learning and growth, and most importantly, there is HOPE.

Thanks for reading.
XO. Much love to you all.