Happy Father's Day to Boston's Daddy

My dearest Tyler, my little Boston’s Daddy.

I can’t believe in just a month we would have been welcoming that little miracle. Who knew something so small could be so missed? That sweet little baby stole our hearts with that fluttery heartbeat. I saw it in your eyes that moment we stared at the the ultrasound screen- that was the moment you really became a Daddy. Suddenly this little life needed you, and you knew it. I saw you change right then and there. Suddenly, you were a whole new man, and I fell hopelessly in love all over again. I can’t wait to thank Boston for that someday, for giving me that. For the 3 months of my pregnancy, and all the months since, you have been an incredible Dad. You rubbed my little belly when I felt sick. You talked to my little bump, even when I told you the baby couldn’t hear yet. You told me I was beautiful when I felt like crap. You ran to the store or on crazy errands for weird cravings. You stood by my side, and you wiped my tears away when we found out we were losing the baby. You held me close and cried just as much as I did. That’s how I knew you loved that little miracle just as much as I did. And now, I have been blessed to watch you as fatherhood has changed you. It has made you a better husband and an amazing uncle. The love you have for our nephews, and babies in general, is absolutely fun to watch; I cannot get enough of it. 
Someday we will have a baby here with us, and you will be incredible! Our son will want to be just like you. Our daughter will fall in love with you. But, for now, you are an amazing father to that sweet angel who stole our hearts with that fluttering heartbeat. And, for now, that’s all we need. I could never have survived this journey if it weren't for your love. You give me strength when I can’t stand on my own. You love me through our hardest times. You are more than I ever could have imagined for myself and my children. I love you forever and always, to infinity and beyond, Tyler King.