Four Years Ago

Four years ago, about this time, I walked out of my bridal dressing room to meet Tyler and walk up to where we would be wed. I stepped out into the hallway, ready to take in this moment when he would see me in my wedding dress for the first time, but when I turned the corner and looked up at the man waiting for me it was... not Tyler. This red-headed stranger and I laughed as we realized the poor woman who had told us our spouses were ready was very mistaken. In her defense, what are the odds that another redhead couple was getting married about the same time on the same day? Easy mistake. I said I could just wait there for Tyler, but she insisted I have my grand entrance and hurried me back to the bride's room. When she returned, she promised she was sure she had the right husband for me this time.

I stepped into the hallway again, and when I rounded the corner, my eyes locked on Tyler's. There is something about being held in his gaze that makes me feel incredibly beautiful. As cliche and cheesy as it will sound, everything else melted away at that moment and I can't tell you too much about what else happened...

I know we made our way up the stairs somehow without tripping, despite not breaking eye contact. The room was crowded with our family and best friends, but I don't remember any faces. The Sealer spoke to us, and I'm sure he offered us some wonderful advice and I'm sure he said some beautiful words, but I can't tell you any of it.

I can only tell you that Tyler never stopped smiling and his green eyes became glassy every time he mouthed, "I love you" from across the altar. My skin burned and my stomach felt like it does before a plane's take-off. I couldn't believe this was really happening. I finally become aware enough to respond when the Sealer began the vows. There was an incredible ease in saying "Yes" that day.

Yes, I would be Tyler King's wife. Yes, I would stick it out through the tough times. Yes, I would work hard by his side. Yes, I would remain faithful with him and to him. Yes, I would love him endlessly, forever. It had never been so easy to promise anything.

Four years later, I still say "Yes" to all of it. These years have easily been some of the hardest we may have to endure in our lives, but love endures. We came out stronger and more in love than we were this day four years ago.

Tyler King is my best friend, my love for eternity. He is my strong foundation. He holds me steady when I cannot stand, and I'm generally clumsy and unsteady. He is all that is good and happy in this world. He makes sure I feel beautiful and loved every day.

I hope that he knows how much I love him. I hope that my efforts to show him how much he means to me are enough. He deserves only the best in this world, and he thinks that is me. He picked me! I'm still in awe. Gosh, I love him.

To infinity & beyond, Tyler king.