Why You Should Marry Your Best Friend

In college, I hated dating. It was the worst! It is awkward and uncomfortable and the worst part of the young adult experience.

Honestly, in my life, I have only been on a few awkward first dates, but that was enough for me to figure out I hated it. There are long silences waiting to be filled with useless comments about the weather and what you are studying in school. And you feel so unsure of what to say (or if you're supposed to pay for your own bowling shoes?) because it is a date and you are supposed to be charming and trying to impress this person for God only knows what reasons. And when very little common ground in uncovered the date ends in a fizzle, and you are left with  nothing but a story about that one guy who took you to his mom's house to play board games with a bunch of engaged couples and tried to hold your hand at Applebees...  Not  e v e n  kidding.

This is why I am truly convinced there is no better way to fall in love than to just fall in love with your best friend.

Ya see, when you are just friends with someone, they get to know you in the most neutral, unintimidating environments. You are yourself, because friends don't care if you're wearing enough makeup or if your outfit is just right. Friends don't judge you if you sit on your kitchen countertop and pig out on pizza in your pajamas after midnight. They join you! And when you eat pizza in your PJs with this dude, he sees who you really are. He gets to know you with all your guards down. When you're not busy trying to be impressively "date worthy" is when you'll impress him the most. 

So, then at long last, when the electricity starts to buzz and you suddenly kiss, you'll be past all that awkward first dates business and know this friend better than you know yourself. And when you snort a little when you laugh after this surprising first kiss, he'll laugh too, because he already knows you snort! And he'll kiss your nose and tell you it's cute. And you won't even be embarrassed. And the love will just follow, effortlessly.

So, my advice? Make friends, and then make out with them ;)  Ha! But for real...

Stop going on awkward dates trying to impress people that are probably a waste of time, and just start looking for your best friend. That's who you want to spend forever with anyway.

I've been best friends with Ty for the last 8 years, and 5 of those have been as husband and wife. We have the most ridiculous amount of fun together, and would rather be together more than with anyone else.

He's the peanut butter to my jelly and all I've ever needed.

Love you, Tyler Jay! Happy National Best Friends Day!