Dear Max,

While I sit here, trying to decide if I really need to pee or if you are just kicking my bladder again, I thought I'd just write you a little love note. Get used to it, cause I'm your mom and I plan to write you an infinite number of sappy love notes throughout your life. Deal with it, kid.

Sweet Max, this last week has felt like an eternity. I cannot believe it has only been a week since we were told all those things that have had us so worried about you. But you have been such a good boy. I'm so sorry that we've had to shake up your house and poke and prod you so much. I know that must have been the worst. Trust me, it wasn't super fun for mom, either. Just know that we love you so much, and we're just doing this all for you, buddy. I wish I could tell you we won't bug you in there anymore, but that isn't true. You and I have a lot of that ahead of us. Just keep being brave and stubborn. We need you to be strong. And if you would just cooperate a liiiiittle better, those ultrasounds might not have to be so bad. (Just a thought- stop mooning us, and show us the important things. We know you are a boy and we know you have a bum. You're hilarious. We get it!) We just really need the doctors to get a good look at things, so they can help you as much as they can.

We just want you to be okay. You're all we think about and pray about.

Max, how can I even begin to explain to you how loved you are? More than this world is wide. More than the oceans are deep. More than your dad loves Pepsi and pizza. More than your mom loves cinnamon rolls... remember when I ate 3 for lunch the other day? Well, you are loved more than I was sick after that, which is a lot! You are loved by grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins and friends. Just wait til you get here, and you get to meet all the people who adore you. They are almost as anxious to see you as we are. If you'll just stay, you'll be the most loved baby boy in the world!

We have faith in you little one. I know your soul and your sweet spirit. I know you can do this. I know you can fight and be strong and get here, into our arms. I just want to hold you and snuggle you, even if it can't be for very long. So, keep kicking and fighting and being so stubborn. We'll do all we can out here. We'll pray and go to doctors and do everything we can for you. Most importantly, we'll just keep loving you with all we have. We can do this! Daddy, Mommy and Max. We three kings. We'll make it through this together, baby.

You were made from great love, and you will be healed by greater love. 

 Love, Mommy