For the Love of Scars

Today we were able to attend the first of many, I'm sure, church services at Primary Children's Medical Center. What a humbling and perfect service. There is no worrying about what to wear or how your hair looks here. Disheveled, tired parents in pajamas or days old clothes and kids in wheelchairs and hospital gowns gather in a small auditorium to pray, sing hymns and renew their spirits. After the service they had donated fleece blankets for all the patients to take. Tyler picked out the perfect one for Max buddy.

The speaker at the meeting today chose to talk about scars, which seemed so fitting as Max and I both got big scars this week. He talked about how we get scars and how they leave their story and impact on us forever. He talked about the Savior's scars in his hands and feet and what his sacrifice and those scars mean to each of us.

This week I had my first major surgery. My c-section scar will make a beautiful and permanent reminder of carrying Max. Where once I wondered if life would ever grow, the Lord granted me a miracle. That scar will be a constant reminder that miracles happen when you have faith and endure to the end.

Max also had his first surgery this week that will leave two scars on him. One on top of his head, where they placed an external drain to begin relieving the fluid in his head. Another on the back of his neck where they removed the meningocele. These scars, we will teach Max, represent LIFE and how his life was saved. Both the meningocele and the hydrocephalus would have killed him, left untreated. Although, neurosurgery on a 4 day old newborn is also pretty life-threatening. So, yeah, those scars are pretty special to us.

Both Max's scars and mine represent miracles. Just a few of the many miracles our little family has seen this week. And I know they won't be the last.
Believe in Miracles.