Take a Snow Day.

We got a magical surprise when snow began falling on Christmas Eve, and we woke up to 8 inches of winter wonderland gorgeous-ness. 

So, yesterday, we took a snow day. No working. Just playing. 

Playing is important. Having fun, despite the hardness of life, is important. Life is complicated. Whether you are battling depression, enduring the ever-waiting game of infertility, suffering the loss of someone or something, feeling lost, feeling alone, or just struggling with life; you have to take a time out. You have to find the things that make you still feel good about life, and do that for even just a day.  

For Tyler and I, it can be running away and escaping to the mountains, or just taking a snow day. A snow day can be sledding and building a snowman in the backyard with family, like we did yesterday, or it can be binge watching Netflix in bed all day (even when there is no snow to be had). Sometimes you need to get out and get away, and sometimes you need to not leave the comfort of your bed. Sometimes it is time for adventure, and sometimes you feel absolutely "snowed in." Every now and then, figure out what it is you need and just take a snow day.

In the throes of infertility, you can feel completely consumed by a trial that seems like it will never end. Your hopes and happiness dip lower and lower with every stick of a needle and negative pregnancy test. After years of precisely planned, timed intercourse and disappointment it is totally understandable to feel miserable about your life. Believe me, I understand that. But I also understand that that is no way to live. 

Friends, I tell you again, THIS IS STILL A GOOD LIFE! Do not allow yourself to be beaten down by your hardships. Figure out what your "snow day" is, and take it. Take time to have fun! Take time to fall in love with your partner each day. Take time to relax and be a little mindless. Take time to forget about the disappointments, see the good things happening all around you. Play. Seek adventure. Be lazy for a bit.

Take a much-needed break from your every day struggle to find a little joy.