April Fool's

Just a friendly reminder from all your infertile and bereaved friends: Please don't post fake pregnancy announcements on April Fool's.

We're telling you, because you might have NO idea how much this could hurt someone. To those who do not face the trial of loss or infertility this seems like such an innocent joke. Trust me, I love a good prank and I was once naively in your shoes. But I've learned big lessons since those days and I just want to ask you politely to skip this prank. 

I promise, you're more creative than that.

...And since you are, you should tell me what good pranks you are going to pull this Easter! Because I'm not that creative and I've come up  n o t h i n g .

Much love.



Infertility, Miscarriage and Infant Loss Awareness - Pregnancy Announcements are not April Fool's Jokes