Autism Awareness Month

Nixon swing.png

This is my nephew, Nixon and he is Autistic. 

During April we celebrate this king of the swings, this living Star Wars encyclopedia, this collector of smashed pennies, this kid who never-gets-dizzy; this book loving, goofy, clumsy, adorable, smart, "ausome" little boy!

We light it up blue, because we want you to know more about Autism is and why it makes kids, like Nixon, so great!

Quick facts about Autism:

  • Autism now affects 1 in 68 children
  • Boys are 4X more likely to have autism than girls
  • About 40% of children with autism do not speak
  • Autism greatly varies from person to person
  • The rate of autism has steadily grown over the last 20 years
  • Autism is the fastest growing developmental disorder, yet most underfunded
  • Children with autism DO PROGRESS – early intervention is key
  • Autism is treatable, NOT A HOPELESS CONDITION
    -National Autism Association

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