Love Stories.

WARNING: just a bunch of sappy love stories ;)

Tyler King & I met in September of 2007 when his friend Lindsay moved in with me in college. We were instantly connected. He was so rad and we had a blast hanging out together. In just a couple of weeks we had become best friends. He was getting ready to leave on a mission, and I was waiting for a missionary. So, neither of us thought much of what the future might hold for us. We spent every waking moment together outside of work and school until the day he left to serve the Lord and the people of Oregon. We wrote and emailed while he was gone. But, don't worry, I fell madly in love and stayed home to keep dating my best friend.
I'm so amazed how Tyler came back in to my life. It was so much fun to have my best friend come home from his mission, and then unexpectedly fall madly in love with him. He has been such a blessing in my life since the day we met all those years ago. I'm thankful for all the time we spent getting to know each other before his mission, all the letters and emails while he was gone, and I'm thankful he pushed aside his post mission awkwardness quickly enough to ask me on a date the day after he got home!
We had discussed that the plan was to eventually be married, but I didn't realize this was leading in to his actual proposal... But then, he started to get on one knee and pull a box from his pocket!

When he came home to a very single Brittany he thought something might come of this after all... But I was putting in my mission papers... So, again, things were complicated for us! Typical.

7 months later he asked me to be his wife...
On Friday July 9, 2010 Tyler called me and asked if I wanted to go hang out. He suggested a date, "I cleaned my room and found a gift card to Olive Garden. We should go!" (Romantic, I know. BUT it is all part of an elaborate plan, so keep reading. I promise this gets good!)
So after dinner I started asking, "What are we going to do now? What else do you have planned?"
Tyler, "I don't really have any plans. What do you wanna do?"
Honestly, I was kind of bugged now. He said he had a date planned!...
So, I asked, "Do you want to rent a movie and go back to my house???"
Tyler, "Maaaayyybe" *shrugged*
Brittany, "Or do you want to go to the movie theater?"
Tyler, "No, I really don't want to go to the movies." (translation: I just bought your ring and I'm too poor to take you to the movies now)
Then, he finally suggested "Maybe we could go for a drive..."
At this point Tyler is trying to figure out how to tell me we are going to drive to Powder Mountain (a ski resort in the valley behind Ogden) without me becoming suspicious. Lucky enough for Tyler, he didn't need an excuse or even have to make up a story because I said "Oh yeah, let's go for a drive through the valley! It will be so pretty right now, and soon the sun will be going down."
With the biggest smile ever, Tyler agreed, "That's a great idea!"
Sooooo, now you see how I cannot suspect anything now, because I think this whole thing is MY idea! Lucky Tyler; I just made it wayyyy too easy! =)
It was the most gorgeous evening, just a few clouds hung in the sky, lightly painted by the sunset.
We drove along giggling and talking. It was so relaxed and fun, and I had no idea that Tyler's brain was BUSY with thoughts on how in the world he was going to pull this off!
When we reached the fork in the road, and tried to decide which way to go Tyler said, "Hey, you know I've never even been to Powder Mountain in the summer. I've only been to go snowboarding. Let's drive up there." I liked that idea, but still didn't have even a clue as to what was coming.
So we drove up and reminisced about the past, "Do you know the last time I came up to Powder was with you?" I asked him. Almost 3 years ago now, we had just started hanging out when autumn dropped it's first snowfall. It didn't stick down by Ogden, but the mountains were all white. Knowing I was still new to snow after growing up in CA and AZ, Tyler and his friend Steven picked me up after work that September afternoon and drove me up to Powder Mountain to play in the snow. Butterflies, weak knees, and all the other cliches overtook me that day when I realized I had a big crush on this sweet guy. I secretly wanted him to kiss me that day, but he didn't.
When I asked if Tyler remembered he said he did, but in a very nonchalant, "yeah I guess I remember that now" sort of way; not in a "yeah that's why I brought you here" sort of way!
As we got to the top of the mountain, the sun was dropping. I was pretty proud that I had thought of this, "Wasn't this a good idea to come up here?" Tyler was pretty amused and pleased with how I still seemed to have no idea what was happening.
We got out and walked around, but now Tyler had to figure out how to get the ring out of the back of his car, where he'd hid it, without me seeing. He quickly snuck the ring out and stuffed the extra large box in his pocket, then tried to keep his hip turned from me so I wouldn't notice. Then he took my hand and hiked up the hill to the very top.
It was so beautiful! It was about 9:30 
and the sun was just falling behind the mountains and the clouds were beautiful colors. Tyler asked me if I remembered what I said the first time we kissed, "Yeah, I asked 'What took you so long?!'" He laughed and said "Okay besides that, you told me you had wanted to kiss me the day we came to Powder Mountain. But this has always been my special place, and I knew I'd never kiss a girl here until it was the girl I was going to marry." I, being totally oblivious, just responded "Oh that's so sweet, and now you know you're going to marry me?"
"oh my gosh! oh my gosh! (x10)!!!"
"Brittany Faye Garrett, I love you so much. Will you be my wife?"

I am forever thankful that on September 24, 2010 I was married and sealed for all eternity to the most awesomely rad guy I've ever met.
Being Married to Tyler Jay King is the most fabulous thing that has ever happened to me! 
These 5 years have been fun, trying, loving, and real! I'm disorganized and I leave my makeup out all over the bathroom counter. He doesn't put the toilet seat down or clean up his beard trimmings. AND neither of us like folding laundry and putting away clean clothes. But love edures! We have learned that some habits are changeable, and some just are NOT. We have learned to laugh instead of getting mad. The little quirks that bug the other are the things that make us who we are, and that is why we love each other so insanely much!!! We support each other. We hang out together. We date. We LOVE being married.