Who I am.

My life hasn’t been anything overly spectacular, but it has been mine. I may not be anyone special, but I am special to a few people. I could argue otherwise if I didn’t know I had been personally designed by a Divine Creator, but I don’t argue with Him. I have had awful struggles and I have experienced outstanding triumphs. I have served and I have been served. I have loved for the first time and loved for the last time. I have grown and I have learned beyond my imagination.

I am a wife.

I am a daughter of a loving Heavenly Father.
I am a follower of Jesus Christ, grateful everyday for his merciful sacrifice.

I am a Mormon.

I am a Daughter, a Sister, an Aunt, and a Best Friend. 

I am a college graduate (Go Wildcats!)

I am a Believer.

I am a Reader.

I am a Redhead.

I am a Frugal Shopper of Fashion.

Despite years of infertility, I am the mother to angels.
{Max & Boston}

I live for messy buns and leggings.

I love ska and punk.

I hate country music!

I have terrrrible buyer's remorse. 

I like to sew and be crafty, but I'm disorganized and messy.

I hate folding laundry and doing the dishes. 

I Have Faith.